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a person of the people
with a voice
for the people.

thank you

thank you to the citizens of kerrville texas for giving me the priviledge and honor of serving you for two terms as your mayor.

open and transparent dialogue strenghtens the relationship between community members

staying connected

staying connected

i will continue to take a stance on issues important to our community and promote honesty and truth.

i do not communicate via instagram, facebook or linkedin

send me an email by clicking here

jack believes in upholding strong pro-family values, is pro-life, supports religious liberty, believes in marriage between one man and one woman, strongly supports change of our education system, is a gun owner and supports the second amendment, supports privacy protections and immigration reform where immigration is a privilege and not a right.

jack is concerned with the direction of our republican party and our country. it is his conservative values and leadership challenge, that drives him to effectively support president trump’s agenda.

christian  ♦   conservative  ♦   gun owner
less government   ♦   no nonsense  ♦   pragmatic
pro life  ♦   religious liberty  ♦   republican
strong leadership  ♦   visionary

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