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"Pratt is one of the most impressive speakers I have ever had the opportunity to hear. Tremendous form in teaching that I feel will truly benefit me with my everyday management practices."

"..Jack Pratt is a tremendous teacher and leader!"

"Not once was I ever bored in your class - that says a lot for a 3 day training, ... You really helped us see through the eyes of an executive and went well beyond anything I expected..made me feel comfortable. This is by far the best seminar I have ever attended."

"Mr. Pratt has an excellent background in management and a genuine concern to pass it on to others."

"Dynamic, experienced speaker who does an excellent job of maintaining class attention and interest."

"Great teacher!"

"I appreciated the enthusiastic direct approach!"

"...knowledgeable and very pleasant, I really
enjoyed listening to him speak."

"Jack was extremely knowledgeable and very motivational"

"He adapted the class to meet our specific needs and stayed after class to address individual concerns."

";Jack was a very informative inspirational speaker, the detail given was very practical and easily adaptable to my office."

"Mr. Pratt was excellent, he has a lot to offer any prospective manager. He should be utilized in other classes as well."

"One of the best seminars I have ever attended. Mr. Pratt is an outstanding facilitator."

Best informative, interactive, team building seminar I have ever attended."

"I came to this seminar a bit apprehensive . Jack did an excellent job of being concise, human, giving great tools and insight. Great seminar, this should be required for all managers; Jack was outstanding, entertaining and educating.

"Very effective mode of instruction."

"Excellent perception of material."

"I hope to attend other seminars by Jack, I'm motivated and the wheels are already turning on new ideas."

"Jack does a great job of bringing course content into real life reality."

"This was absolutely the best seminar I have ever attended. Very eye opening, I found out that what I thought were my weaknesses were actually my strengths, and my strengths were my weaknesses."

"This was the first seminar I have ever been to where I wasn't in a rush for it to get done. Excellent!!"

"It's obvious that this teacher has a true love and devotion to other's happiness and success with their careers."

"Jack did an excellent job of moving the discussions along - allowing time for questions and keeping the attendees interest."

"Mr. Pratt's delivery was honest and sincere. I don't feel for a moment that he wasn't enjoying what he was doing. He is enthusiastic with his interactions with the class."

"What a well prepared speaker. He has a well rounded knowledge of a wide variety of industries and situations. Excellent at keeping the attention of the students on the subject of discussion. All of my supervisors and managers should attend Jack's class."

"Excellent leader - Great motivator - I would go to war with him as a leader."