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A person of the people
with a voice
for the people.


Thank you to the citizens of Kerrville, Texas for giving me the privilege and honor of serving you for two terms as your mayor.

Open and transparent dialogue strenghtens the relationship between community members

Staying Connected

I will continue to take a stance on issues important to our community and promote honesty and truth.

I do not communicate via instagram, facebook or linkedin

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Jack believes in upholding strong pro-family values, is pro-life, supports religious liberty, believes in marriage between one man and one woman, strongly supports change of our education system, is a gun owner and supports the second amendment, supports privacy protections and immigration reform where immigration is a privilege and not a right.

Jack is concerned with the direction of our Republican Party and our country. It is his conservative values and leadership challenge, that drives him to effectively support President Trump’s agenda.

Christian  ♦   Conservative  ♦   Gun owner
Less Government   ♦   No Nonsense  ♦  Pragmatic
Pro Life  ♦   Religious Liberty  ♦  Republican
Strong Leadership   
Veteran   ♦   Visionary



Jack has been a member of the Church of Christ all of his life and currently an active member of the Kerrville Church of Christ.


Jack is a native Texan, growing up in Corpus Christi, Texas. Jack worked his way through college with a variety of jobs as a welder, bowling alley manager, roughneck, sales person, television cameraman, and law clerk.

Jack has been a member of the Kerr County community for over 40 years.


US Army (Vietnam Veteran)


After serving in the United States Army, his business career has included management and Senior Executive positions in the following industries:

Health Care            Aviation Aero Space       Food& Beverage    
  Publishing                Energy                   Management Consulting


Jack Pratt was elected to the Board of Directors, Headwaters Groundwater Conservation District, Precinct 1 in 2010.

In a record turnout, Jack Pratt was elected Mayor of Kerrville in May of 2012.

In a much greater record turnout, Mayor Pratt was re-elected to a 2nd term in May of 2014.

He has worked very actively in community initiatives with numerous public and private organizations dating back several years.

Mayor Pratt has continued that service through the present, supporting numerous nonprofit organizations such as the Kerrville Rotary Club, the Kerrville Chamber of Commerce and as a Founding Board Member of the Kerrville Economic Development Corporation.

Having first taken office in July 2010, Mayor Pratt's first terms have been characterized by his firm belief in Kerrville's potential and the intense focus on water, infracture improvements, establishing soccer, baseball, and other recreational facilities for kids, economic development and job creation that has helped secure regional capital investment and create new jobs in the midst of a national recession. Combined with the rebirth of Main Street, these accomplishments have drawn national attention and accolades.

In addition to his work as Mayor, Pratt is President and CEO of Summit Advisors an international management consulting firm.

Additionally, he was appointed to the American Power Producers Association Policy Makers Council (PMC) in Wash DC

Jack is also a well known professional speaker.

He is held in the highest regard. He and his wife Missi have handled their responsibilities with integrity and skill. Jack is the type of leader we appreciate. He listens well, thinks clearly, and genuinely seeks what is best for Kerrville.


He has been a Rotarian since 1977 and served as President of the Rotary Club of Houston (then the world’s largest rotary club) and then as assistant district governor for 2 years.

His civic experiences also includes board of directors with Greater Houston Partnership (which was a combination of Chamber of Commerce and World Trade), American Cancer Society and others.

Jack is on the Christian Assistance Ministry Advisory Board (CAM’s) and has been actively involved in Economic Development activities in Kerrville.

Board of Directors, Kerrville Economic Development Corporation

VP and Director, Kerrville Economic Improvement Corporation

Jack volunteers his time teaching bible, finance, and anger management for the Christians Men's Life Skills organization

Recreation, Hobbies

Loves golf and fishing, and is an avid snow skier. Jack also loves woodworking and restoring antique cars (prior to WW II).